1.   1. Register on our platform using any of the packages or click http://slickwealth.com/register.

2.     2After registration, you can now login. And you will see whom you have been merged to pay.

3.     3.  Endeavor to call the user before you make payment.

4.      4. After payment, please upload proof of payment and submit.

5.      5. Once you have been confirmed, you will be eligible to receive payment from two persons.

6.      6. After each cycle you can re-cycle using the same package or choose another package. However you have 3 days to do this.

7.      7. You have referral bonus of ₦2000 for each referral. (Referral is optional)

     8. You can open a ticket and request your referral bonus to be recycled, and admin will make you eligible to receive the bonus, however it must be up to ₦10000.